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The top action and fighting game for Android is vector 2 mod apk unlimited money and chips revdl. Most fans of fighting games are familiar with Nekki’s publisher. Numerous combat games with shadow effects have already been released by the publisher. This is another one of the developer’s products. Before the Android game vector 2 mod apk unlimited money and chips revdl was released. The software developer released the second portion of Vector after it continued to enjoy success. Version 1 was initially developed with simple components. The developer Nekki made numerous enhancements and updates to this Part 2 version.

Game Mode

One shadow character first appeared in the human body laboratory of vector 2 mod apk unlimited money and chips revdl. Innocent citizens of the city have been abducted by a criminal group going by the name of dictator. They have no knowledge of this research. Some people remain in a room that is quite secure. They are unable to leave the lab. However, one individual managed to use the opening to escape from the lab. Every available space has been filled with protecting items, and the alarm must now begin to sound. There is a terrible, hazardous laser on. The laser sensor is turned on because it will kill the man who managed to flee. Cross over all potentially lethal objects.

Unique gameplay

With intricate items may be found in Gameplay vector 2 mod apk unlimited money and chips revdl. The gameplay was similar to this gameplay in the original iteration. This revised version contains no new differences. Some character modifications and level challenges have only gotten harder. The character controls have remained unchanged as well. So the character can be controlled using the previous controls. Don’t worry if you’ve never played this game before. All of the character controls offered are simple to grasp. Additionally, you receive training for the beginner’s game.

The player can utilise gestures and actions to control the vector character in vector 2 mod apk unlimited money and chips revdl. Swipe motions can be used to navigate around all dangerous things and perform in a variety of ways. You must swipe the motions repeatedly to get additional action. To jump and climb the objects, swipe up the screen. You have been easily defeated by upcoming lethal things. In order to easily cross, try to hop the barriers. To roll your character and down the character on the screen, swipe down. Use the down motion because lasers are typically found on the top side.

Each level in vector 2 mod apk unlimited money and chips revdl features larger, more substantial laboratory spaces. As a result, you must navigate across large laboratories. To get to every end of the level is the player’s main objective. Once a level is finished, a new level begins with a different set of laboratories. There are numerous obstacles and laser-lit things in your path as you run. You need more practise because the upcoming objects are both static and moving. Complete every level to improve your ability to navigate challenging obstacles.

Escape immediately

The player must progress through all of the game’s stages in order to win vector 2 mod apk unlimited money and chips revdl. The only human to have escaped the lab is you. So leave the laboratory immediately if you want to live. Up until the level’s conclusion, the challenges get progressively harder. Get ready to cross your talent. You can move your character far more easily by having them jump, roll, and descend. You are given some stuff to use in order to advance levels. To utilise on every level, purchase the newest products from the store. It is beneficial for finishing the level without failing.

Get ready

Different goods are introduced to everyone in vector 2 mod apk unlimited money and chips revdl. The items and equipment were not present in the original edition of the. You can view the items needed to finish the levels in this version. Those things have uses and can be improved. For instance, a variety of products are offered, including ultimate chip detector, Adrenaline, and magnet suck. All objects within a three-meter radius have been sucked in by the magnet manipulator item. Every item has a limited range of movement. Items that increase adrenaline help you get an extra 40 bonus when you get the tokens. The ultimate chip detector is a great tool for locating lab-made chips. Up to 25% increase the likelihood of finding the chips.

Character upgrade kits

Some character safety requirements were imposed by vector 2 mod apk unlimited money and chips revdl. The standards for character safety are absent from the original edition. These tools come in quite handy for protecting your character from dangerous objects. Your health will somewhat decline after being hit by a laser or being assaulted by one. You lose a lot of health points without arms and helmets. The upgrade technique makes the available protection goods available. Currently, belts, gloves, boots, armour, and helm are available. To improve character power, purchase and equip the equipment.

APK version of Graphics

vector 2 mod apk unlimited money and chips revdl features 3D animated shadow graphics. For the majority of their published products, Nekki developers use 3D visuals. Viewing those is beneficial and helpful. Graphical animation is used to create eye-catching graphics and all elements. The sound effects when you are hit or attacked by a laser are incredible. Different, colourful components are included on every level. I’ll stop talking about the graphics and animation now. The developer deserves praise for including these moving images.


All in all, we covered all important element concerning vector 2 mod apk unlimited money and chips revdl. This amazing Android action game. The number of players in games has grown daily. The Google Play Store gave Vector 2 a positive review and saw a significant surge in game enthusiasts. You had to wait in the original edition to upgrade your gear, and rewards were given gradually. Utilize our MOD version to receive limitless prizes and free goods. Download the MOD version using the links provided below the article.

vector 2 mod apk unlimited money and chips revdl