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How To Delete Twitch Account Permanently on Mobile

Do you want to get rid of your twitch account? Here we will explain how to delete twitch account. So, let’s get started:

For gamers and e-sports lovers, Twitch is one of the most essential live streaming services. Streaming allows millions of users to share their gaming experiences, skills, and even their daily lives. There are more people watching than there are streamers. Some folks, on the other hand, may have dabbled in the water and concluded it isn’t for them.

If you choose to delete your Twitch account, keep in mind that you will be unable to reactivate it and that you may lose data that you may need in the future. Furthermore, your Twitch name will be made public and can be taken by a new user. Consider the risk of putting your name up for grabs if you have a gamer tag that you must always use. If this isn’t an issue for you, you can just delete your Twitch account.

Best Ways To delete Twitch account on mobile

You won’t be able to entirely delete your account information, including any personal information saved on the platform, through account settings. Some may find this inconvenient, but it is possible that the extra step will prevent any rash deletions (no rage quitting here.) Instead, go to Twitch’s Privacy Choices and look for the proper link. Remember, this is the last chance! Your account will be permanently erased if it is deleted. It’s a good idea to let your friends and fans know ahead of time about your plans.

This is how you may permanently remove your Twitch account.

  • To delete your Twitch account, click on the Link Delete Your Twitch Account.
  • Log in to your account with the information from the account you want to remove.
  • Check that your account information is valid (the name in the top field).
  • You can also explain why you’re deleting your account.
  • Click the “Delete Account” button.

Twitch allows for a little indecisiveness once you approve the cancellation of your account. Your Twitch account will be disabled for 90 days before you are permanently removed from the platform. You have the option to change your mind and reactivate your account during this time period. Your data will be totally wiped from the site after this time period, and your Twitch account will be deleted completely.


Knowing how to delete Twitch account is useful knowledge to have, especially if you’re just getting started with the site. It’s usually a good idea to delete personal information from websites you don’t intend to use. You can always sign up for a Twitch account again if you change your mind because it’s free.


What happens if my Twitch account is disabled?

When you disable a Twitch account, it disappears from the public Twitch service. Users can no longer log in, and it is no longer searchable or accessible through direct visits. 

What is the procedure for permanently deleting my Twitch account?

Simply visit their account deletion page, enter your user ID/nickname and password, and then click “Delete Account.” That concludes the procedure. Because account deletions are irreversible, double-check that you truly want to remove your account before clicking the “Delete Account” option. 


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