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How To Check Whatsapp History of other Person 2021

Are you looking for a complete guide on how to check whatsapp chat history of others? Then you are on the right spot, let’s get started!

In today life, people use different social media platforms to communicate with each other. Someone shares his thoughts with others while someone is busy in chatting with others using these different platforms like Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook etc. If we talk about the ages of these users, so we found that they are of any Age that is from a young one to old age. 

From these different social media platforms, we found that Whatsapp is used more than any other App, so what if a child is involved in the wrong activity so how parents know this or what if an employee is sealing the details of the owner company so how owner knows or what if someone life partner has relation with some other person. How do we know these things? 

The only answer is to check the Whatsapp history of the desired person, but if he/she rejected to check his/her what’s App history so is it possible to check his/her Whatsapp history? The Answer is Yes, and There are two methods to do it.

Methods to check WhatsApp chat history of others

  • By Using the WhatsApp web method
  • By Using the Spy App method

WhatsApp web

WhatsApp has many options like video chatting, audio chatting, sending and receiving messages, videos, files and contacts etc. So WhatsApp provides the web version, so any user can use Whatsapp by using his/her laptop. So we use this method to check someone history. For using WhatsApp history, we use some simple steps.

  • Open the link in a desktop browser.
  • After Opening the link, some QR code is appearing on the screen.
  • Now Open Whatsapp on desired person phone.
  • Select the Whatsapp web option from the menu button.
  • Now tap the link to the device button.
  • The final step is to scan the QR code in mobile that is appearing on a desktop browser.

Now you can check every activity perform by your desired person on your laptop.

Spy App

Spy App is built with excellent feature to monitor someone activity. The most and effective thing found in Spy App is that no one can detect the app in the menu. Before Using SpyApp, it is necessary to check the compatibility of SpyApp with the targeted device. 

SpyApp is compatible with android phones and tablets, having a version equal to and greater than four and also compatible with IOS devices 7-11+. If your targeted phone is compatible with the app, then you can follow these steps to use the app.

  • Create the account on the mSpy site by giving your email address and accepting the term of use and privacy policy.
  • Choose the plan that is suitable for you offered by the company.
  • Pay the payment that is offered in the plan that you choose.
  • Now you have to install the spy app on the targeted device using the steps sent to your email.
  • After installing the app on your targeted phone, now you can quickly check the Whatsapp messages of the targeted person by log into your control panel having internet access and by using any browser you want to use.

These two methods have their pros and cons like Whatsapp web is free, but the targeted person can quickly know about it, but in Spy app, the targeted person doesn’t know about his activity monitoring, but you have to pay for it and check the chat of targeted person even the messages that are deleted.


That’s all about how to check WhatsApp chat history of others. If you still have any confusion, you can ask us in comment box.


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