GhaseelCom Jo 2.4 APK For Android

Download GhaseelCom Jo Apk. Get GhaseelCom Jo 2.4 Apk For Android.

GhaseelCom Jo is an on-demand dry cleaning and laundry service mobile App offering a free pickup and delivery at the tap of a button.

Ghaseelcom Jo is not just a more convenient way to get your dry clean and laundry orders processed, it is the capabilities behind the App that makes the experience just great.

All GhaseelCom Jo dry clean and laundry orders are processed at GhaseelCom Jo central laundry facility, the first, biggest and most modern and advance laundry facility in Jordan. Our laundry experts, grade A+ cleaning chemicals along with the latest technology used at the central laundry facility, ensure that your designer wear and fine fabric are taken care of while with us.

And with the biggest fleet in the industry in Jordan and the widest spread through a network of outlets, GhaseelCom Jo stands behind the promise of making your life easier.
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