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How To Change Font Style in WhatsApp Chat

Are you looking for a guide on how to change font style in WhatsApp chat? Here you go:

Formatting your text can assist you in emphasizing a specific term, similar to how you talk. So, if you’re tired of the same text format, try changing your font style. Here are the measures you must take. But, before you go ahead and do it, keep in mind that there is no way to turn off this feature.

Ways to change font styles in WhatsApp Chat:

Here are some creative ways to use WhatsApp fonts to make your messages more dramatic.


WhatsApp has built-in functionality that allows you to bold your messages. When you need to emphasize a point, you can make the text bold.

Add an asterisk (*) before and after the message to accomplish this. If you want to emphasize the term better in the sentence Android is better than iOS, for example, write it like this: Android is *better* than iOS. After you’ve done that, you’ll notice that the text has become bold.


Similarly, if you want the text to be italicized, you can do so. Italicizing a text is handy when you want to draw attention to a specific section.

Add underscore (_) before and after the text to accomplish this. For example, the word careful will appear in italics in the phrase Be _careful_ what you hope for.


To symbolize a correction or iteration, you may wish to create a dramatic impression by striking out words. By inserting a strike through your message, you can achieve this.

Place a tilde () on both sides of the word to add a line to your message (s). Let’s say you want to write anything. By cutting Facebook, Instagram is the best social network. You should type something like this: “Facebook is the best social network.”


The ability to change the color of the text is another feature unique to Android devices. This function, however, is not supported by WhatsApp. Third-party software called Blue Words must be downloaded. You may make your text blue with the aid of the app.


While WhatsApp does not allow any other font than Monospace, you can change font styles using the aforementioned third-party program. There are numerous options available in the app. Simply type the text and paste it into WhatsApp

WhatsApp isn’t as cool as Instagram, which has a variety of font options for Stories. While it allows you to change the font in text mode, it does not allow you to do so in normal mode.


So, there you have, a few suggestions about how to change font style in WhatsApp chat.  When it comes to personalization, WhatsApp allows you to perform a variety of things.


How can you change WhatsApp’s font style?

Use the symbol (`) three times on either side of the word to alter the typeface of your WhatsApp messages.

What’s the best way to modify the size of my font??

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Font Size and move the slider on the screen to modify the font size.

What options do I have for personalizing my WhatsApp name?

Tap and hold the message on Android and select the formatting option that is right. To access other options, tap the 3-dot icon.


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