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4 Best WhatsApp Lock Apps For Android Mobile

Are you looking for the Best WhatsApp Lock Apps to protect your privacy? Here’s a complete guide for you:

We all know how popular Android apps are nowadays. WhatsApp Messenger, on the other hand, is the most widely used messaging app on the market. WhatsApp is used by almost everyone who owns a Smartphone. We use WhatsApp to send a lot of documents, photographs, videos, and text messages on a daily basis.

Private information is contained in these documents, images, videos, and text messages and they should be adequately guarded. To keep our smartphones safe, we need to install the best WhatsApp lock for Android.

Best Lock App for WhatsApp

There is a variety of WhatsApp locker software you may use to encrypt your WhatsApp chats, documents, and media some of them are:

WhatsChat App Lock:

This software is for all WhatsApp Messenger users who are looking for the best app to lock their WhatsApp Messenger. Locker for WhatsApp Chat is a simple app that anyone may use to protect your WhatsApp chats and groups. Some of the app’s features include: It’s free to use, and it’s ad-free. This is a very small program that does not consume any more resources. It’s quite simple to use. A very minimum of permissions are necessary.

AppLock- Fingerprint:

    It is another excellent app for securing your WhatsApp. With all of its features, this app is an excellent solution to secure your Android devices. This software captures a photograph of the intruder and sends it to you through email. This app employs fingerprints and patterns to lock the apps. 

AppLock – Fingerprint also displays a fictitious error window to conceal the fact that the app is locked. You can also lock installed calls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and auto-lock apps. This app will keep WhatsApp secure in a very efficient manner.

Messenger and Chat Lock:

    Messenger and Chat Lock is a well-known tool that may be used to lock WhatsApp and other apps. This application also has a safety function that uses the front camera to capture a photograph of the intruder and keep it.

It is free, which means you get security for no cost; however, if you try to uninstall it, it will prompt you to do so. For smooth operation, this application is lightweight, user-friendly, and utilizes minimal resources.

Lockdown Pro – AppLock & Vault:

Lockdown Pro – AppLock & Vault is a well-known application that is ideal for securing WhatsApp. This software also has a number of features that help improve your device’s security.

This application provides tremendous protection to your WhatsApp by allowing you to lock every application using a pin, pattern, or fingerprint lock. A smart lock, which sends information about the intruder, a false cover, a time pin, and many other features are worth highlighting.


WhatsApp lockers for Android are a must-have for any Android device. They aid in the protection of our gadgets from attackers and other threats. Best WhatsApp Lock Apps can be used to lock your WhatsApp account as well as other apps. If you’re seeking a way to lock WhatsApp, you can use any of these apps.


What is the best way to secure my WhatsApp account without using the app?

You have to follow these steps: Step 1: Get GBWhatsApp and open it. Step 2: Go to the chat you want to lock and open it. Step 4: Select “Lock Chat > Enable Passcode” from the drop-down menu. Step 5: Create a password according to your preferences. 

How can I secure my WhatsApp account on my Desktop or laptop?

WhatsApp has added biometric lock compatibility to its mobile app to safeguard Web and desktop app logins. Until today, all you had to do to use WhatsApp Web or the desktop software was scan the QR code on your phone.


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